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Tao of Thom: A Quick Guide To The Radiohead Paradigm

Radiohead’s newest LP release The King of Limbs, available via their site.

Music lovers are once again faced with the task of absorbing the bizarre inner-workings of Thom Yorke’s brain. And as always, uncovering the intricacies of new Radiohead material becomes nothing short of a contest. Whether you’ve been listening to the band since Creep or just recently joined on the fifteenth step, you know what i’m talking about.

The simple equation – so to speak –kingoflimbscover is this: fans fend off concurrent headaches in desperate search for meaning. They try to form an educated interpretation of the album as soon as possible, that way they sound well-informed at parties. Radiohead fans dance around their actual opinions like Christine O’Donnell at the semi-millennial Witch Masquerade Ball. For fear of being smite by their friends, party members, or perhaps Johnny Greenwood’s pedal board, fans stick to the four-or-five-things they think they’re supposed to say about the album, all the while trying not to be too contrary or congruent with whatever Pitchfork said (it’s a fine line).

Me? I’m gonna take this album one listen at a time. According to my super-secret algorithm, this LP – though short – will be a dense one. It falls in the Amnesiac and Kid A category unlike its predecessor, the illustrious In Rainbows, which featured uptempo cuts, aggressive beats, and glorious fidelity.

One thing’s for sure, do not put The King of Limbs on at a dance party: it’d be like going out for a jog and realizing that all you’ve got on your iPod is the There Will Be Blood OST.