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New York, New York – Ryan Adams Cover

So last night I was at rehearsal for the Seattle-based band I’ve been playing in, The Last Great Love (stream their music here, follow them on Twitter here, become a Facebook fan here). I got into a conversation with Brooke, one of our other guitarists, on our favorite songwriters. We both agreed that Ryan Adams is simply the greatest. In honor of his amazing work, here’s a cover of his song “New York, New York” from the brilliant album Gold. These are some of my favorite lyrics of all time, check them out here.


You and Me – Reel Karma

Somehow this hadn’t made the blog yet! Enjoy!


Reel Karma – What I’ve Been Told

Thankyouthankyouthankyou Kristen for keeping the camera rollin’ on this one! Reel Karma’s “What I’ve Been Told” featuring Caroline Denton, Riley Ziesig, Jared Hauser, and Sam Shoe. Enjoy!


Reel Karma – Change Is Gonna Come

Here is Reel Karma performing Sam Cooke’s classic “Change Is Gonna Come.” Caroline’s got that sexy rasp going on in this one, so check it out. (Sorry the camera is shaky and the first line is cut off…our camerawoman musta been intoxicated or something…)

Featuring Caroline Denton, Jared Hauser, Riley Ziesig, and Sam Shoe.


Reel Karma – Rivers and Roads

Well a bunch of the ol’ karma crew, groupies and all, came to Seattle this past week and we’ve got some video treats coming your way! As a tribute to sunny sunny Seattle, we decided to do a cover of The Head and the Heart’s “Rivers and Roads.” Enjoy!

Featuring Jared Hauser, Caroline Denton, Riley Ziesig, and Sam Shoe.


Hoodoos – Give In

Presenting the second installment of the Incredible, Delicate Hoodoos project. What happens when the Hoodoo shaman casts a love spell between the stud-liest cliff spirit and the daughter of tyrannical Captain Benjamin Jones, a mere human girl? Well, I suppose we get the answer to an age-old question: is this love or is it sin?



To kick off this week, I present to you my most recent tune, “Marylyn.” I’ve been working in the studio on this song for a few weeks now: it is a folk-ballad, harmony-laden track in the vain of Dawes and Ryan Adams. Here’s the deconstructed, live version.