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Hoodoos – Give In

Presenting the second installment of the Incredible, Delicate Hoodoos project. What happens when the Hoodoo shaman casts a love spell between the stud-liest cliff spirit and the daughter of tyrannical Captain Benjamin Jones, a mere human girl? Well, I suppose we get the answer to an age-old question: is this love or is it sin?


Hoodoos Pt. 1

I’m back! And I’m in Seattle! And I’ve got a better audio setup for this blog! Please enjoy the first movement of my Hoodoos project: a folk-rock-opera about cliff spirits, the battle of nature vs. industrialization, and, of course, love.


Distortion Slipaway

Mario on his favorite baby guitar percussion! This one is actually the closing folk ballad to the forthcoming Incredible, delicate Hoodoos rock opera EP.