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I Must Be In A Good Place Now

Today I decided to do a rendition of Bobby Charles’ I Must Be In A Good Place Now. I was originally turned on to this song from Vetiver’s covers album Thing of the Past. If you like the tune you must check out this video of Andy Cabic (Vetiver) and Eric Johnson (Fruit Bats) playing it as an acoustic guitar duet. Because their version is so good, I decided to perform mine on piano!


When U Love Somebody

Well they say recording in a bathroom produces some cool reverb. I’m not sure who “they” exactly are, but I’m one-upping them and recording in my super awkward basement shower…with an autoharp.

This tune is by Fruit Bats, off the album Mouthfuls.
I’ll be jamming with Riley in the city tonight, so get pumped for some STUB action in tomorrow’s post!