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The Start Of Something


Well, as an obvious first: I play music. I’ve been playing guitar since my first steps, and took up piano shortly thereafter. I’m a songwriter and producer, and currently front a Boston/New York based rock group called Reel Karma.

But more importantly for the purposes of this blog: I listen to music. I don’t mean just listen – as in put on the new Beyonce track while I’m doing homework. What I mean to say is music consumes me. If the new Spoon album leaked today, I would have to listen to it. Straight through. Over. And over. And over again.

Does this obsession effect my social skills? Most definitely. Last week I was at a party chatting with a friend when Julian Casablancas’ new cut “11th Dimension” came on. Yes, it was my iPod playing. And yes, I should have expected something off “Phrazes For The Young” to shuffle its way into the mix. And yet, I entered that all-too-familiar state which I affectionately call “Listener’s Trance.” My conversation quickly dropped off, and I found myself staring off into space, listening for every synth melody, anticipating every chord change, and holding out for the line “your faith has got to be greater than your fears.”


So that brings us to the here and now. My situation: music consumes my life. I always have tons to say about new releases in the indie rock and freak folk genres. In effort to maintain my sanity, this blog will house my reviews, criticisms, and thoughts. What’s unique about this blog compared to, say, Pitchfork or Daytrotter? I’m talking indie rock reviews from an indie rocker. I’ve got no sponsorships, no cash flow, and no corruption – just open ears and typing fingers.

Secondly, this blog will double as the news source for my band! (Hey, everyone’s gotta do a little self promo sometimes). We’ve got some great new stuff in the works, and I’d love to keep fans updated on our antics.

Lastly, this blog will be used to document my upcoming semester abroad! As Emerson College students, 3/4ths of Reel Karma (Myself, Sir Riley Ziesig, and Sam Sam Funky Bass Man) have the opportunity to live in a castle in The Netherlands. I’ll be blogging for all of us, sharing great stories as we journey across Europe searching for music, love, and lovely music.

Well then, sufficient introduction complete. I’ll be posting some songs and links over the next few days to fatten up this blog, and will be back atcha with some reviews soon. Stay tuned for my “Best Of 2009”!