Lobotomy Of

I started writing this one while abroad last semester. A friend was bugging me to play/teach her “House of the Rising Sun” and I got in the mood to write a folk epic of my own. I ended up letting my Freak Folk side take over, simulating the actual lobotomy of this poor character through an attempt at Neutral Milk Hotel-ian melodies.



2 responses to “Lobotomy Of

  1. >Jared, you are a genius, this was a beautiful experiment, and i'm your biggest fan! thanks for making your blog retard-proof.. now you know i'm gonna be stalking you on it constantly! but only cause i think you got a purdy voice. and your brain is durn purdy too.-lilly

  2. >Lillyface we love you almost as much as we love the loop! PS I'm digging the karmic connection our pseudonyms have.

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