Karmavision: A Video A Day Keeps Rock Here To Stay

I recently acquired a Flip Mino HD, and for the past few days I’ve been brainstorming potential uses for it. “Now Jared,” I asked myself, “how could you use this to have fun, spread the gospel of Reel Karma, and save rock and roll forever (with as little extra effort as possible)?”

Well here’s the answer! On behalf of the whole RK team, I present Karmavision: One new video per day, a live jam featuring any band members, friends, or family that may be present at the time. Songs will vary from being old classic RK numbers, new to-be-released demos, jam-out instrumentals, covers of our favorite tunes, or funny little satire pieces. Some clips will run ten minutes, others ten seconds. For the first piece, just a solo performance of a new acoustic tune I’ve been working on. It’ll either be called “Coming Down” or “For Now,” I haven’t decided yet…



One response to “Karmavision: A Video A Day Keeps Rock Here To Stay

  1. >LOVE the opening shot jhaus. great song can't wait to hear it live 🙂

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