Monthly Archives: June 2010

Distortion Slipaway

Mario on his favorite baby guitar percussion! This one is actually the closing folk ballad to the forthcoming Incredible, delicate Hoodoos rock opera EP.

Western Skyline

Hello! Well, quite the weekend in NYC indeed. Two central park performances from the legendary street act Jared + Riley led to $30 (however, this money quickly disappeared in exchange for delicious Belgium beers). New Pornographers at Terminal 5 last night were mind-blowing. AND most importantly, a whole bunch new content is being made! Soon to come: a solo number from Riley, some Mario and Jared unplugged jams, and Hoodoos updates!

For the time being, I’ve decided to try out recording piano. This is a tune from the band Dawes off their album “North Hills.”

When U Love Somebody

Well they say recording in a bathroom produces some cool reverb. I’m not sure who “they” exactly are, but I’m one-upping them and recording in my super awkward basement shower…with an autoharp.

This tune is by Fruit Bats, off the album Mouthfuls.
I’ll be jamming with Riley in the city tonight, so get pumped for some STUB action in tomorrow’s post!

Lobotomy Of

I started writing this one while abroad last semester. A friend was bugging me to play/teach her “House of the Rising Sun” and I got in the mood to write a folk epic of my own. I ended up letting my Freak Folk side take over, simulating the actual lobotomy of this poor character through an attempt at Neutral Milk Hotel-ian melodies.


Karmavision: A Video A Day Keeps Rock Here To Stay

I recently acquired a Flip Mino HD, and for the past few days I’ve been brainstorming potential uses for it. “Now Jared,” I asked myself, “how could you use this to have fun, spread the gospel of Reel Karma, and save rock and roll forever (with as little extra effort as possible)?”

Well here’s the answer! On behalf of the whole RK team, I present Karmavision: One new video per day, a live jam featuring any band members, friends, or family that may be present at the time. Songs will vary from being old classic RK numbers, new to-be-released demos, jam-out instrumentals, covers of our favorite tunes, or funny little satire pieces. Some clips will run ten minutes, others ten seconds. For the first piece, just a solo performance of a new acoustic tune I’ve been working on. It’ll either be called “Coming Down” or “For Now,” I haven’t decided yet…